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Yeah okay... It was gonna be a lot more Epicâ„¢ than this, but I'm not really sure if it'd get off the ground so I might as well put this up.

So yeah, this was for a kink at the kink meme: steampunk!Phoenix.

I actually was trying out another style of CG. The effort turned out to be a complete and utter failure, but on the bright side, I drew steam!Phoenix.

I posted this in the meme too. I stayed anon, which I thought was pretty moot, as my watermark was still on it. I just didn't wanna put it up without the watermark, it's an insecurity thing. :/

I tried to draw him without giving him goggles, but without them he just didn't look steam enough. So in the end I gave him goggles anyway. :(

So I finally watched Children of Men today! I've been waiting forever to watch that movie, so now I'm in a good mood. And I can't stop thinking about it.
I thought it was pretty good, but I generally like movies about bleak dystopias. I have genres that I like for specific mediums, and for movies, dystopia is the one. And I also like dramas.

I tried reading the book too, a while back. Couldn't get past chapter 3.

For books, I generally like epic fantasies with lots of action. I haven't read a good one in a while, actually. I pretty much hate reading anything else.

For manga, I like shounen manga with lots of fighting and action cause they're so exciting. 8D Damn, I love cheesy fight scenes. And I guess I also like suspense titles like Monster and 20th Century Boy.

And for pretty much any medium, I hate vampires. I don't even know why I hate them so much, it just feels like they're all the same and everything has been done before. The only vampire book I really thought was different was Sunshine by Robin McKinley. That was a really good book.

Edit: My site overhaul is done! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!

Also: [livejournal.com profile] heart_mint got P3: FES and started to play it. Turns out some of the dungeon BGM's were remixes from Persona 2 (and maybe Persona: Revelations?). I thought she was going to CRY.
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