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It's Thanksgiving today, here in the Great Soviet Canuckastan.
Or perhaps it's tomorrow. I can't really remember, but it should be within these two days, and the only reason I know that much is because I happen to have a day off from school tomorrow.

In any case, I haven't been doing much the past few days except for a whole lot of nothing. School has been catching up to me, but I'm glad that my Applied Design teacher finally approved my logo concept. That class has seriously been hell for me, because he always rejected every single idea I had.

It was probably also hell for my friends too, as I whined at them non-stop about it. Well, it's all over now! Until the next project.

But I digress.

Here's a poster that [livejournal.com profile] panda_ne commissioned me to do for a party she's in charge of, because who she originally wanted to ask wasn't available, and I can whip up a poster in two days.

Tongue Party, she told me it was, )

And some CG practice. I would give my left arm to draw like Jon Foster. I would give my right arm too, actually, provided I can draw like Jon Foster using my left arm. Or my foot, even.

Been revamping some (most) of the Megiddo characters, because I realized that in trying to be realistic, all the designs turned out rather (really) boring. It's not really just a problem of being boring, but that I doubt anyone aside from me will be able to tell one character from the other as they all look the same.

Wilst was one of the characters that got revamped, and I was just practicing CG with him.

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Uhmm. Okay.

More Megiddo Doodlies )

Oh, right. HoneySyn has a new FORUM!!!!
Please go look!
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I STILL have nothing interesting to say.
I guess I'm just not an interesting person.

Oh, but I sent several pictures to the printer, one of which is the one of Josh and May kissing. There will be new posters in the shop soon!

Therefore, here are some Megiddo Doodles. I don't think I post doodles of them a lot.

fkldsahfeia;hvew )

And for a change of pace, HOMEWORK! )


Feb. 21st, 2008 04:42 pm
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I never have anything interesting to say.

Well, I wandered into class around noon and finish my magazine cover, and now I should be working on more detailed thumbnails for my diagram I have to hand in on Tuesday. <__>

I wanted to get some HS pics printed as 11 x 17 posters (I have a few of them) but no matter what I just couldn't bring myself to walk into the store and go "CAN YOU PRINT ME PICS OF THESE TWO ANIMU GUYS KISSING."
Seriously. I just can't. x___x It's... man, I really need to work on my fragile and shivering confidence, because I have none. I guess I could get a friend to do it for me, but my friends are busy enough that they don't have time to be poking around picking up prints for me.

In any case, more doodles cause no one cares about my life.

retards )

And the other thing, I was sketching a character from Megiddo.

Mr. Hayden )

Edited to add: I'M SO HUNGRYYYYYYY


Dec. 20th, 2007 03:41 am
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Mostly cause Schumie's been asking after me for a few weeks, here's Juan.
Topless. Just so happens.

shirtless!juan )
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Uh... what to say?
I watched Helvetica on... Wednesday.
It was pretty good, actually. It was about the typeface, yeah, but it also had to do with how the typeface came about and design philosophy. I also thought it was interesting how they found different designers with completely different opinions about helvetica as a typeface and font itself, even though they're all famous typographers. (Such as Erik Spiekermann, who thinks that the content of the word should express what it's about rather than the typeface, and David Carson, who thinks that the typeface should can also be loud and have personality.)
...I kinda liked the parts where they just showed where they found the font. They should make an entire movie like that.
I also really liked the music.

So, if listening to history of fonts and ideas behind it doesn't bore you to tears, check it out, it's worth a watch.


Just two more original characters )
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I'm eating Salt 'n Vinegar chips right now.
I don't really like them.

Anyway, tomorrow, Camilla D'errico is one of the alumni who are gonna come in to talk to us about how her careers has been since graduation. I've only just found out that she actually graduated out of my program. Coinkydink, huh.

In any case, I've been working on Megiddo a bit over the weekend, mainly because I've procrastinated for 3 months and it's finally struck me that the deadline is coming up fast. I think, though, that a... bit of a problem for me is that I like the side characters in the story more than the main characters. It seems to happen to me all the time. :/

In any case, for practice, a portrait of Maya.

Merciless Maya )


Oct. 2nd, 2007 01:30 pm
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I'm at school right now, and... working tres, tres hard, of course.

....Yeah, I'm slacking off. I kinda wanna go home, since it's 1:30 and the teacher already left and I have a painting I should finish at home, although I'm a little worried about my current assignment as well (a CD jewel case cover).

In any case, a CG I did because I thought maybe I'd hand it in for one of my previous assignments, although I ended up handing in another CG.

Oliver Brooks, plus some other pictures )


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