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Reading week! Yay!
Unfortunately, I have portfolio review during reading week, so I'll be working on that as opposed to doing anything very productive, such as sleeping and eating cookies.

I started working at a gallery, which wasn't very exciting, except for one incident involving a bum demanding that I give him 5 dollars for washing the windows. I didn't even see him wash the windows, but when I told him that I had no money he smile went out like a light. Considering that he was taller than me, had a squeegee, and wasn't entirely friendly looking... I just gave him the 5 bucks.

Next time I'll mace him.

Anyway, aside from that, I had about 6 hours of free time and a laptop that was laggy, so I ended up sketching quite a bit.

I finally read the end of Final Crisis, which... made me laugh, actually. Since I stopped reading Countdown around halfway through, the confusion probably didn't help the situation much. But... laser eye-beams? Seriously? I didn't even believe Yuri when he told me.

I also read a bit of Rogue's Revenge, and I'm very glad for Piper that he had finally found his badass again. In fact, he's right back to where he was before he was caught up in the whole Countdown business. ...Except now James isn't with him, I guess. Y'know what, I'm just gonna pretend Countdown never happened.

In celebration of Countdown never happening, a pic of James Jesse! Because he didn't die during Countdown, nosiree.

The sketch I did at work, but inked and coloured when I got home. It's kind of strange, but I wasn't really sure what I was going for. But this wasn't it.

What? James never took up the Trickster name again. He never stopped fighting with yo-yo's and he never stopped being an FBI agent. Fine, maybe he was chained to Piper for a while, during which he did not make fun of Piper for being gay at every opportunity. He was really good friends with Piper, and they got along very well like they always did, and they both kicked much ass. And James wore a suit. Always.

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