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I LOVE THIS FIC. (it is epic Apollo/Klavier)

I guess Apollo is a little ooc, but I still like it.

My Canada Day ended up to be absolutely insaaaane.

To understand why, first you have to know that where I live is an area across an inlet, which you can access by three methods:

  1. Bridge.
  2. Bridge.
  3. Seabus. (It's a ferry that goes across the water in half-hour intervals. You can't take a car on.)

Anyway, so I had signed up ages ago to volunteer for a fundraising craft fair, which takes place in a park that's right next to the sea. Which means... outdoors. Apparently, it would cost another 100 dollars to rent a tent as well, which was 100 dollars my friend did not want to spend. I had absolutely meant to put on sunscreen before I left, but I didn't have time to. I also didn't know that tents weren't provided.

So we were late getting there in the first place, because when we got to the school to pick up the stuff, it was completely locked down (national holiday) and we had to call a security guard to come unlock it for us.

My classmate who was supposed to volunteer with me found more pressing matters to attend to, so I dragged a friend to go with me. He had work at around 4 and it takes 2 hours for him to get home so he left at 2.

Since there was no tent, we had to shuffle the table over and borrow our neighbor's shade. Which wasn't so bad except it kept retreating (moving sun and all). The people there were really nice though, a man gave me some sunscreen and lent me his hat. I talked to the people around me too, exchanged life stories and whined at them a lot. My friend burns easily, so I let him sit on the side with shade.


My classmate was supposed to come at 3:30 to help me pack up and get out of here, except at around 2 in the afternoon, 2 people tried to jump off the bridges. I'm not sure if they both tried to jump off one, or if they each tried to jump off each bridge, but in either case, there was a complete traffic lockdown. The bridges were closed, leaving only the seabus functioning to bring anyone across the inlet. The seabus terminal happened to be right by the park, so I saw how horrible the lineups were. They were absolutely horrible.

My poor classmate was stuck in a tunnel that's just before the bridge, and I was stuck at the park with no shade. Come time to pack up, some guy got hit by a train just outside the park (the park is right next to the railroad) and one side of the park was closed. The main street of the area was sealed off as well, so I couldn't even get a friend who lived on this side of the inlet to come help me.

So, I was basically stuck at the park, with a few boxes of really heavy stuff, I couldn't get in or out, and I couldn't get anyone to help me This was around 5 in the evening.

I decided, fuck this and sat in the shade to read, (I had a volume of One Piece with me) and thought that I'd take a nap. Basically sit around until everything cleared up. But after I finished reading, I looked at my phone to discover that, SHIT, my battery's dead! Dizzam.

So with no way of even knowing when everything did clear up, I decided to do what seemed a good idea at the time. I took the cashbox with me and tried to walk home. This was around 6:30 in the evening.

Strangely enough, on the way home I walked into Mel, who was walking in the same direction across the street with her headset on, and completely oblivious to the world around her. Wave and yell as I would, she couldn't hear me. I was going to throw a rock at her, but there were a chain of cars between us, and considering that they were completely still with their windows rolled down because of the jam (I bet they were laughing at me too, the fuckers.), I would bet good cash that they weren't in a very good mood and would probably kill me if I hit their car.

Anyway eventually she had to cross the street so she finally saw me. So we walked together past the really bad blockage where I could call (I borrowed Mel's cellphone) for my parents to come pick me up.

I had left everything at the park and basically just hoped that no one would take off with it, so as soon as I got my phone plugged in I called my classmate, who had just arrived at the park. (The bridge had just opened right about then) At 8 in the evening. Poor guy's been stuck in traffic for 5 hours.

Anyway so I told him to look for the stuff and that I had taken off with the cash, then I went home and took a shower.

And I got sunburned. I was basically out in the sun for... *counts on fingers* 11 hours.


I don't think it's too bad though, it's just a little red, and it doesn't even hurt. I guess I just don't burn easily, I didn't even tan much.

ANYWAY that was my Canada Day. Not too bad, kinda eventful, got my exercise for the day, now I'm a little sore. I wonder if those suiciders died or not. I know the person who got hit by a train was completely fine.


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