Aug. 10th, 2008 02:22 am
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1. [ profile] heart_mint keeps telling me to stop looking at the pw kink meme. Coming from someone who lives on 4chan, that request(?) holds absolutely zero water.

2. My photoshop seems to be acting up, for some reason. I thought that my monitor was strange because the colours were completely off, but then it turned out it's only that way when anything is viewed in photoshop. What the hell? Is there some sort of preference thing I can poke around with?

3. There was supposed to be a point to that... I think the point was that I was drawing Futomimi to test it out, and it looked completely different. In any case...

This is supposed to be Futomimi. I must've been in a Jojo mood or something, it being a long time since I read SBR. When I drew the pic last night that is. [ profile] heart_mint sent me a new volume of SBR today and read it, and now I am sated.

4. I was randomly sketching out characters of one of our original stories, and these are two characters, both are girls. I've got a name for one of them, but not the other. I'm really bad with coming up with names.

The one on the right is named Hong-Xiu, it's a name I like. I think [ profile] heart_mint has mentioned at some point that it sounds like the name of a servant girl, so I'll just say that she used to be a servant in some rich household.

The girl on the left I don't have a name for yet.

5. I watched the opening ceremony.

6. [ profile] sarahofcroydon was asking for ideas on what sport Klavier would fit into, and I rambled incoherently about this and that, suggesting some sport that wasn't swimming.

Not swimming because I don't like speedos, unfortunately. Just personal preference.

Afterwards, I sat down in front of the telly and watched the olympics. They don't wear speedos anymore. Instead they wear these legskin (or bodyskin) things that all of a sudden made all the swimmers ten times hotter in my book, and this goes for all the girls as well.

So I rambled incoherently some more... and long story short, Klavier in a swimsuit. Speedo.

7. Watermarked cause I'm paranoid. It's a bit late to be posting, sorry if I'm not making any sense. Umbrella.

8. I don't want to paint. I don't like painting because it makes a mess and it's a hassle to clean up. I like CG because there's no mess and if I screw up I can undo. Why can't I CG for school instead?


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