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Man, I don't like posting about my life. It's so boring.

BUT. I went to AE with all my lameass friends, and THAT'S not boring. I'm posting piktuars, only of ones that have me + lameass friends in it or something I have something to say about (hot jesse is hot hur hur), because I'm sure everything else is available on 4chan or something.

Note: Piktuars of everyone who isn't me are posted without permission.

I was at the Artist Alley most of the time, sharing a table with Nozmo, although I don't seem to have any pics of her...
I swear, in the entire con, most of my money went to her. I wanted to buy like ALL HER STUFF.

Wtf who is that person. Why is she doing a Jojo pose?

And this.

I cosplayed demon Chiaki on the first day, and hot hot hot [ profile] hiphopelephant was bondage angel. I was asked for photos, but only when I was with her.

[ profile] heart_mint was Kaya and [ profile] cloverx was Raidou.

Have some lesbian fanservice.
Fuck, I don't think I like being in the same photo as [ profile] hiphopelephant. I'm such a butterface.

[ profile] snowpanda_zero was also with us. Cyberpunk angel go go go!!

I found this pic on facebook. I didn't have any good photos of myself so I was telling people to send me some if they found it. More lesbian fanservice.

Hot bondage angel is hot.
Pssstt... [ profile] cloverx and I sweatshopped her costume the night before. It was falling apart and we had to hold it together with duct tape

At first I was like:

And then I was like:

At least Kaya seems to be enjoying the doujins

Kaya, being out of character. Or maybe not so out of character.

Laene was the cute Aigis hur hur hur.

Crossover time.

We cosplayed AA on the second day. We kinda picked characters who suited ourselves, so we ended up with the most mismatched group ever. Like, in the world.

Yeah. Seriously.

[ profile] mr_louie was there, and we all stalked her. A lot. Seriously, I think we creeped her out.

But not being putting money in her pocket hur hur hur.

Because I'm actually a few inches taller than Pie (especially with the disco boots on), I actually had to bend my knees to make myself shorter. I told the people not to take the pic of the waist down, but those mofos kept taking full body shots. YOU HEAR ME, MOFOS? I'M TALKING TO YOU.

...we look like we're going "mmm... porn..."

[ profile] cloverx's kristoph raeg face. It's perfect, isn't it? I mean, look at that.

Hot Tony Stark is hot. I was actually talking to my dad on the phone when he walked by, and I hung up on my dad to take a photo of him.

Random group pik.

I though Laene made a pretty good Ema, although she had a self-declared ghetto costume.

Is it just me, or do my arms look like toothpicks there? Man, what the hell is wrong with me?


I cosplayed Tae on the last day. [ profile] cloverx was Raidou again and [ profile] heart_mint was Kaya again.

Pimpin' Raidou, yo!

And what day would be complete without a Sentai pose. Go go power rangers.

Yeah, that's about all I have. Well, I do have other pics, maybe I'll post them later, but I honestly don't think anyone really wants to see them.


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