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Someone... stole my garbage, what the hell? I swear I put garbage in it yesterday, and now it's just... gone. Oh well.

Spent the better part of last night doodling when I promised to design my sister's resume for her. Which really reminds me, I need to write my resume too. I didn't realize that I'd need it for class.

Gonna head to the VAG to see Krazy tomorrow. I've already seen it, but this is a field trip. For some reason I have to bring my resume. Go figure.

Sketch of a character from a one-shot that me and [livejournal.com profile] heart_mint were supposed to be working on until we both kinda left it hanging. Well, mostly my fault, I guess. I told her to change some stuff and didn't tell her what to change.

In any case, his name is Ru-Feng, it's actually kinda a cheesy name in Chinese, but whatever. Honestly, to me he looks a bit too.... ACTION!! ADVENTURE!! to be (one of) the main characters to a BL one-shot. I'm rather fond of the design though, so I'm tempted to change the story to a series...

When I first drew him, I thought he looked a lot like someone, although I wasn't sure who. Finally, after a bit of head-scratching, I realized that he looked strikingly similiar the medicine seller. Not like I did it on purpose, it just happened. Well, I fiddled with his design a bit more, I guess they look a bit different now.


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