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For unknown reasons, I decided to go back and re-read my entire set of Houshin Engi.

And... I realized why I loved it so much. Because it's awesome.
Logic follows that I ended up scouring the internets for fanart, and drawing plenty of my own. I was experimenting with Painter as well, so that may very well also be my excuse.

Assuming you've never read Houshin before, this will contain copious amounts of spoilers.

A bit of a sketch. One guess as to who my favorite character is.

I... I ship it.

A strange thing occured to me though. For some reason, I've always assumed that Outenkun is shorter than Taikoubou. Maybe because Outenkun has had it worse, and a poorer diet?

I'm not sure if anyone's noticed though, but when Outenkun first shows up, he is tiny. He eventually fills out or something, and by the end he's about the same build as Taikoubou. Perhaps I can explain this as Outenkun 3 having the original body.

I'm pretty okay with Youzen too, although he's not my favorite character.

I've always thought of black eyes like that to be sexy (hence why they sometimes show up on my original characters), although I've never really thought about why. Only recently, I've realized... Outenkun! The source of my black-eye fetish! Is that really a good thing?

As for Ou Eki, I feel like he's just the right cross between Taikoubou and Outenkun. I guess I can't really say, since he had like... 2 lines, but that's what I gathered from his attitude.
When they merged as Fukki, it felt a off to me that Taikoubou dominated their consciousness.

I kind of think that it's because Outenkun had more or less given up. His entire purpose was just to be with Taikoubou again, and once that was accomplished, he really didn't give a damn about what was happening and let Taikoubou take the driver's seat. But the way he just did whatever Taikoubou asked him to was... hm. Then again, the entire reason they had split apart in the first place was to do exactly what they were doing.

Still though, I expected a bit more of Outenkun's malice in Fukki. There was pretty much none of it, and it made me kind of sad.


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