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I've been a big fan of Akimi Yoshida lately. I can't really say that her comics are the best I've ever read, but the stories she draws are always pretty engrossing, the storytelling is good, the characters are more or less likable. Although I must say: the lady isn't capable of drawing any story where less than 75% of the cast doesn't die.

As for the art, I actually liked the style in the beginning of Banana Fish the most. It was tighter and more detailed, and the flow was clearer, if that makes any sense. Schumie says I'm partial to the old-school style, but I really thought that the artwork had aged better than say, Yasha, which was drawn a few years afterwards. By the time Yasha rolled around, it seemed to have gone back to the style of Lover's Kiss, and her artwork had gotten looser, although not necessarily in a good way. The paneling had also become a bit more typical shoujo, being a bit less structured, more freeform and to a certain degree, more expressive. However, I liked the artwork in BF right from the get-go, and Yasha... well, I wouldn't have picked it up if it wasn't drawn by Akimi Yoshida.

I'm glad I did though, because the story's pretty good (the project was being scanlated by Shoujo Magic, but unfortunately they've dropped it due to "lack of interest"). But the scans that I'm reading lets me experience in full the woes of the language barrier (I can understand the 50% of the plot that's not in Simplified Chinese) and horrible typesetting (the page on the left: how the fuck did that sentence miss its intended target by 2 inches?).

After finishing Banana Fish and Kisso Tenyo, I had more or less stopped expecting any real slash in the stories, so imagine my surprise when there were prominent characters who were a canon gay couple! The story itself also hits pretty much every fetish in the book (except for the naked apron), including but not limited to:

  1. Twincest. They have a love/hate/love/hate?/love/hate/love/?/are-you-me-or-am-I-you relationship.
  2. Subservience. Twice. One's a bodyguard, one's a servant/best friend/lover.
  3. Bromance. The bodyguards.
  4. Childhood friends. The type who can tell if the protagonist is thinking about sacrificing himself and tell him to "snap out of it".

Overall it's pretty fun to read, but as it's written by Akimi Yoshida, I'm expecting at least one of the twins, one of the bodyguards, and two of the three childhood friends to die before the series is over.

*shakes fist, Colbert-style* YOSHIIIIDDAAAAAAA..!!

I conclude my rant with Rin/Takeru fanart, because I liked them the most.

Or something along those lines...


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