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For some reason, I seem to have this really strange fixation on mafia AU's. It's a bit like how other people may like vampires, except I've never really been fond of vampires in general.

Anyway, so I was thinking that no venture into any fandom is really complete (for me) without having a mafia AU of some sort. Jojo doesn't count because it already has its own mafia!U.
So, Merlin. And Arthur. And also Edwin. Hey, I don't know, it's possible!

Also: please check out the goddamn awesome fic that [livejournal.com profile] karakalyn wrote, here. DAMN IT'S AWESOME.

Beware: Size warning, OOC-ness, drawings looking nothing like the actors.

The other part was that I was really inspired by the short Hellblazer comic that Sean Murphy did and I kind of wanted to try something similiar. Or at least practice. I really like big swashes of black, but I can never seem to pull it off. Also, I got Manga Studio 4 and I wanted to try it out. They didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but practice is practice. I drew and inked everything in Manga Studio and grunged it up in Photoshop.

No story or anything, I just drew whatever came to mind, basically.

I thought generally it might've been a business transaction gone wrong or something, but it could be anything, really.

Edwin is the unfortunate victim, because he was the first person who came to mind. Sorry, Edwin, I actually think you're a pretty cool dude.

Manga Studio is pretty fun to use. It's a bit fustrating to figure out though, since there's no help menu and no manual. The forum's generally helpful though, so I guess that's okay.


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