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I'm graduating in exactly... 5 days, and it's all very exciting. I just got the printed boards for my grad show booth, and it sure costed a lot to get them done, but it looks really good!

The boards themselves are pretty large. They're printed on foamcore, so I can avoid the messy task of having to mount them. I can't even begin to imagine how must of a disasterous that would've turned out; mounting is not my forte.

Those three were the long ones, and I have one more...

A giant illustration I did specifically for the grad-show. I'm realtively happy with how it turned out. I didn't want to take the bubble wrap off (one of the corners is already busted), but it seemed pretty good quality too.

A corner.

Earlier today, I brought a few prints to a coffee shop for it to get hanged up. Framed them yesterday.

It'd be nice if a few sell, but not really expecting it. It's nice exposure though, the place seems pretty busy!

Last Sunday I went to the Emerald City Comic Con, mostly just to buy things and whore my portfolio around. Diana of Ronin Studios was there too, and she was lovely enough to look through my portfolio and give me some great advice, so I'll be fixing my folio up.

Also saw one of the people I was super stoked on seeing: Ben Templesmith. I love the guy.
I even refused to lend my friend my copy of Fell because I needed to get him to sign it. In any case, here's a candid shot we got of him:

And a shot of him while he knew we were taking a photo:

He was super nice, and very charismatic. I have a gigantic crush on him.
He reminded me a little of Simon Pegg.

I was completely unabashedly creepy and asked Mr. Templesmith to autograph my arm, which he did, surprisingly. My friends were there, and there was a diagram in the handbook should a similiar situation arise, but we figured that it was okay since I didn't ask him to tattoo my chest.

I should probably wash that off at some point. Before my grad show, probably.


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